We strive to give our Clients peace of mind by offering dependable solutions for their transportation projects

Dos Bocas Refinery

ARMAMEX proudly participated in the construction of the new refinery OLMECA in Dos Bocas, Mexico, providing the tugs and barges for the Transportation of several pieces fabricated in Tampico.
We also assisted our clients with the Logistics and with the Authorities during the load out and discharge Operations, so you know you can trust Armamex as you rone-stop shop for all your Transportation Projects.

PEMEX Dehydration & Desalting System

Maritime transportation of diverse units of a Crude Oil Dehydration & Desalting System for the PEMEX E&P platform Akal-J1 in Campeche Bay.
The project include the supply of suitable tug and deck barges, designing of the stowage plan and marine secures, and in some phases including the loadout of the cargo. The discharge was done by PEMEX, alongside DP crane vessels next to the platform.

Cantarell Nitrogen Plant

The project involved moving equipment for the Cantarell Nitrogen Plant in Atasta, Campeche. The project included loading operations using the ship’s cranes as well as navigation from Coatzacoalcos to Nuevo Campechito with arrival at a dock specially built for this project. The team encountered two major problems, a five-foot draft at the entrance of the river and electric cables crossing the river with a reduced aerial draft.

Madero Refinery


The project involved the transportation of four carbon coke drums each weighting 278 tons, and a Vacuum Tower 200MT, from Altamira to Madero.
The availability of the Armamex’s specialized equipment was crucial in the success of the project. The cargo was so large it could only be transported by road for just a few kilometers.
To complete the project, the MV ‘POPOCATEPETL II’ was used, assisted by the Armamex’s local tug fleet.

Minatitlan Refinery

This project included the transportation of a massive HDT reactor weighing 1,203 metric tons and measuring 38.53m x 8.90m x 6.16m. The river’s strong tide and the height of the equipment made it difficult to pass below the bridge, which was broken and could not be lifted. When the team encountered a high unloading dock in relation to the barge, Armamex created a metal ramp at the Tampico shipyard to facilitate the unloading process.

Single Buoy Mooring

As a part of a contract with PEMEX Refining, the team need to transport a Single Buoy Mooring from Salina Cruz, Oax. (Pacific Side) to Tuxpam, Ver. (Gulf of Mexico) through the Panama Canal for repairs. Because of the lack of cranes at the loading port, a semi-submergible barge was furnished at Armamex’ Shipyard for loading and unloading operations.